Solanapro is built on BSC network to ensure protect and ensure that the solanapro token stands against the bearish market. The solanapro token cannot be minted beyound the Token Generation Event (TGE) under a capped total supply...

Solanapro remaining token will be unlocked sequentially to protect the token from massive dump from holders. The developers deploy a method called the solanapro mechanism to block the token to adding more to the total supply...


Pre Sale and Airdrop ends in

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at July 20, 2022


Join Presale

Buy 0.01 BNB = 20 SOL P

Buy 10 BNB = 20,000 SOL P


Claim Airdrop

Claim SOLANAPRO for the first 15,000 people.


Get Referral

Referral to get 30% BNB + 50% SOLANAPRO per Airdrop and Buy. Referral NO LIMIT !

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SolanaPro vesting for the remain token after unlock can be found below. The team intend to incurcate staking, trading and other mechanism to deploy to maintain the token total supply...

Token Name - Solana Pro
Token Symbol - SOL P
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 100,000,000
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0xe576e55A209ba555B3D4aEA8452e2e72c2658aC6


5% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all SOLANAPRO holders. Hold Celeb token and earn BNB!.

Other awesome features include daily staking rewards, discounted trading,priority access and a lot more.



SOLANAPRO token will be listen on Pancakeswap at the end of the token sale for trading and lock for 90 days to avoid dumping. Airdrop will be unlocked over the period of 12 weeks and presale over the period of 3 weeks. Within these weeks, holders can trade and swap in trust wallet